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The Rites of Necromancy

Divination of the dead

Incantations will be said

To evoke ghosts

In the name of Thanatos

In the cemetary at night

Grave-robbing for the rite

Some gravedirt, a skull

These items, I cull

Under moonlight, I mull

over dark insight

Into the realm of the dead

I will be led

Corpses exhumed

Under the moon

The undead rise

from the tomb

In the darkness

they shall loom

To obey my biddings

of darkened doom

Voodou spells

Zombies raised

All harrowed and dazed

Unhallowed and crazed

Necromantic rites

and never-ending nights

Never will we see the light

Prepare the sacrifice

Let the carrion's blood flow

Into the chalice

I offer to the shadows

The key to unlock

The gateway to

the Underworld

In the name of Kalfu, I scry

Open the gates and let the demons fly

Possess the bodies of the deceased

The spirits have been released

In necrosis

the bodies rise

A macabre formation

Twisted fantasies realised

Cadaverous winds

unseal their demise

And carry across the land

their haunted cries

Darkness descends

Ascends to exist

for eternity in

suspended re-animation

That which is already dead

can never die - immortal

The dead shall forever

walk the earth

Malevolent in the Eyes of God

I am malevolent in the eyes of God

I will not believe his lies

An abomination unto him

Believers and deceivers

are all the same

They rely upon lies to gain

Dreams they can never attain

Strangled upon the rope of discord

Impaled upon a throne of lies

Thy ignorance makes you

feel guilty for living to thy own accord

Cloaked in shadow

But I'm one with the light

Lux/ Lucifer will enlighten me

Give me the knowledge

To tear Christ asunder

to refute all blind faith

Expose the heavenly blunder

A blaphemous retort

to thy never-ending slander

The lengths to which I resort

to counteract thy propaganda

Defile the cross

I shun his morality

Acknowledge my own values

I will always hate your

self-righteous denial

of all pleasures that are material

We are decadent by nature

The art of decadence

The decadence of art

I'll use all my power

to rip you apart

The Serpent of Knowledge

All that thou thinkest about me is a lie

A facade I created to preserve my true self

Thy prejudice prevented thee from knowing

the brilliance of my mind

I got my revenge

I became everything you feared

I got my revenge

I became everything you hate

The darkness came

and the darkness stays

I need the light of Lucifer

to guide the way

Banished from Eden

I discovered the truth

And created a new kingdom

Away from the uncouth

A kingdom of wonder

Intrigue and desire

Where ambition gleans

with an avid fire

And reason and science

are acknowledged

in defiance

against the liars

I am the Serpent of Knowledge

with the ravenous eyes

I ardently seek enlightenment

of all that you despise

I got my revenge

I became everything you feared

I got my revenge

I became everything you hate

The Rivers of Hades

Floating in the Acheron

Rivers of woe that my own tears

doth compose

Drowning in my surroundings

of tortured hungry ghosts

Now at Cocytus

Waiting, ever anxious

to find-out what is next to come

in my voyage to an unknown land

At Lethe

I forget my worldly life

I watch all memories float away

like leaves from a tree of life

Phlegeton - river of fire

Into the inferno

of agony and desire

Styx of hate

Sealed oaths shall decide my fate-

Where will I go beyond the

Adamantine gates?

In The Temple of Baphomet

In the halls of the Temple of Baphomet

Bow before the hermaphroditic god on your knees

The bisexual licentious priests

Their decadence never cease

Into the darkness, into the night

I hear screams of utter delight

Shouting blasphemies at the top of their lungs

Caught in moments of ecstacy

My rod and my staff

Phallic symbols of a path

to the libertines fulfillment


on the scents

of hashish, ether,

and wormwood

Inducing vivid visions

of shadow-demons

and the like

In a trance

of gnostic illumination

Reciting Goetic invocations

At the pentagram of divine masturbation

Conjures a sinister manifestation


a BDSM fetish

But the righteous disguise it

with a hypocritical message

To suffer like Christ

That child of their God's cuckolding

Hog-tied and whipped

Suffering their self-repressed


God Damned the Sodomites

I rape your body

and I rape your soul

I'll fuck you up the ass

while I slit your throat

Humiliate you

with what you hate the most

Sodom and Gomorrah burnt

at the hands of a god

who hated people for

being who they are

And Lot's wife was

murdered for one

moment of hesitation

The people were struck blind

by the angels of wrath

Even though this is the path

they chose

of mutual consensus

Faggots burn-

the execution pyres

So they coin

a scornful suspire

A morality of serfdom

breeds irrationality and prejudice

Memes of ignorance

Survive the test of time

Psychosis Gnosis

Transcendental consciousness

Entranced in catalepsy

I am becoming one with the other planes

Spastic convulsions

Epileptic transgression

The access of gnosis

through demonic possession

Vertigo and tunnel-vision

I learn the truth of religion

Dissociation to combat the fear

I hear the voices, see the figures

of spirits forgotten in the aethyr

Disorientated, as time and space

disintegrates into nothingness

Through illness I gain gnosis

of the world and of metempsychosis

I have come so close to death

It feels like I am experiencing it

Unresponsive to medication

Nothing can save me from this elation

I am condemned to this abomination

of mind and spirit, I am damned

Treat me with electro-shock therapy

to erase the demons from my mind

Now I am free of the pain

Now I am so mundane


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