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Here is a list of most of the musical instruments, sound gear, etc that I currently use. It is not a complete list, nor do I officially endorse anything listed here.


BC Rich Beast

BC Rich Warlock

Gibson Les Paul

Cort Action 5 Bass


Korg M3

Korg SP-170

Korg Triton Extreme


EZDrummer Drumkit From Hell

East West Symphonic Orchestra

East West Symphonic Choirs PLAY

Guiar Pro 5

Cubase Studio 4

Guitar Effects

Boss MetalZone

Boss Acoustic Simulator

DigiTech RP100

TC Electronic Crescendo Auto Swell

ISP Decimator Noise Reduction

Audio Interface

PreSonus FireStudio Project



Aquarian drumheads

Vic Firth drumsticks and mallets

Pearl bass and tom drums

Meinl surdo

Meinl djembe

Sabian crash cymbal

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