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Hymns of Darkness

Holy Self-destruction

Self-aflictions for predictions

Which have not yet come to pass

Abstinence and self-deceit

For these rituals one must fast

Flagellation and bondage

'Tis the stone which God cast

Martyred by their so-called god

He is the one who caused the flood

Gratify thine enemies

and destroy thine friends

Is it worth it in the end?

Art thou making the world a better place

whilst thy own life is erased?

Thou art a magnanomous intrusion

In a maelstrom of confusion

Unenlightened of this world

Living a life in a pearl

Efficacy is true

for objectivity is true

I learn by perception

what is best for myself

Extreme optimism

which surpasseth life and death

A mendacious god

This world he beguileth

Spuriously, insidiously,

anomalously he destroyeth

Searching for solace in pain

This deity calleth for blood

Bereft of life

In this citadel of pain

which is deemed so mundane

Is the world a better place?

Or didst thou impede and leave no trace?

A Demon or Their Son?

Christians spawn their offspring

Already have planned his fate

He chooseth to do what he will

The christians choose to kill

A demon or their son?

Someone or noone?

Not allowed to be free

or haveth any fun

Cradle the demon in thine arms

Make sure he is safe from harm

Soon the darkness shall come

The truth destroyeth the dumb

They retaliate in ignorance, retaliate in fear

They make that child pay for ever living here

They lock him up and torture him

Now he must find the key

The truth is hidden by christian hypocrisy

They attack from all angles

But there is a way out

Using his own willpower he can find a way out

Overcome their fascist power

For thou art Godless and free

Let the world know of thine ordeal

and sympathy they will feel

A demon or their son?

An anti-christ, he hath become

This christian world, he shall destroy

Now 'tis said and done

Judgemental Jesus

Thou condemnest me

for speaking my mind mind

Judgemental Jesus

Thou art so ignorant

Judgemental Jesus

Thou thinkst thou art the alpha and omega of morality

Thou art a parasite eating away at humanity

Thou tellest me

what to think, what to believe

Judgemental Jesus

Thou art so prejudice

Judgemental Jesus

Thou thinkst thou art so righteous

When such a belief is so ludicrous

Thou try to make me

feel guilty for being myself

Judgemental Jesus

Thou art so fascist

Judgemental Jesus

Thou art so full of shit

Thou art such a hypocrite

An Egyptian Transmigration

As Ra's chariot crosseth the sky

I am lying in the Sahara Desert about to die

A victim of the reign of Akhenaton

Victimized for following my volition

Laying dying and writhe

I await the arrival of Osiris

For him to giveth me eternal life

as prophesized in the papyrus

(Repeat Verses 1 & 2)

As I now cross the Duat

I face the obstacles thereat

Reciting incantations from the Book of the Dead

I prepare for what lies ahead

Now I must meet Maat

for the Weighing of the Heart

Shall I be deemed worthy?

or from existence shall I forever part?

But my khat was not preserved

Thus the afterlife I did not deserve

By Ammit I was consumed

Now I am forever doomed

Herds of Ignorant Sheep

Another sheep taketh a leap

into the pit of lies

Everybody following

What is the latest craze?

Soon it will be over

'Tis just another phase

Stereotyping down the world

We are taught to be judgemental

Discriminating and hating

Aganinst that which is transcendental

Christianity hath led the way

To all this ignorance

Preaching salvation through suppression

And thus began all this repression

If we are ever to accomplish utopia

We must learn to accept ourselves and others

Shun all this segregation and bigotry

Acknowledge the worlds diversity

Pious christians who listen

to all the lies

Incessantly told

to oppose other faiths

Vexing all who differ

This isn't the correct pathe

(Repeat Verses 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Credulous in their dogma

They believe what their told

Not to question the irrationality of faith

Believing in hypocrisy

Following the wrong pathe

Another sheep taketh a leap

into the pit of lies

They believe prejudice to be just

But it is not

(Repeat Verses 3, 4, 5)

A Scapegoat for the Masses

I am in thy mind

A demon attacking from behind

I am in thy heart

Tormenting thee with unholy art

I am in thy soul

Struggling for control

I am in the world

Jesus Christ, I will tear apart, tear in half

Can't wait to see thee impaled upon a pike

or crucified again

I must now inhabit a world of bigotry

because of thee

I heard that thou still exist

So I am adding thee to my hitlist

Misanthropic narcissists

Puritanical euphemists

Sought a scapegoat for their follies

Found it in their created enemies

Sanctimonious Jesus-freaks

Anathema-spawning hypocrites

Aristocracy turned cummunist

Responsiblity is lax

Tax-exempt, charitable extortion

Good versus evil is really power versus their scorn

In their holy deceit they are adorned

Imperfect perfectionists

Tyranny concealed by the affectionists

Prejudice disguised as empathy

Condemned to the pyres

I am burnt by the fires

Litten by the holy liars

Malice my haunted dreams

And I will contradict thine

For I am the real kingdom of glory

Thine is the squalor of ignorance

The Confessions of the Priests

"Forgive me father, for you have sinned"

Purity is hypocrisy disguised as truth

Used to cover-up the ill-begotten truth

The confessions of the priests are the proof

Thy kingdom come

He raped thine son

In the name of God

He inserted his rod

For God's sake

Innocence he take

But to keep integrity

They covered it up

Chiorboys victimized, sodomised

Now realise his mask of righteousness holdeth no truth

Injustice concerned with moral esteem

Maketh corruption the intregral theme

Preserving a reputation which hath no meaning

How do they react to the priest

who is molesting the children?

Turn the other cheek, bathe in self-deceit

Retreat, repeat it all again

Destroying the lives of future gods

Making haunting poignant memories

There is a place wherein

They are constantly disputing

Practicing the doctrine of Rasputin

With a devil-may-care complex

which they learnt from their codex

A tome of inconcistancy

resulting in stagnancy

The Art of Black Magick

Tragick black magick

I am reaking havoc

A curse upon thine head

Soon thou shalt be dead

Everyone needeth black magick to live

They just don't realise they are using it

Ancient spellcraft weaveth its magick

But lesser magick prevaileth

The art of black magick

The art of manipulating thy surrounding

There isn't just ceremonial magick

There is the power of taking control of thine life

But the power one can invoketh with rituals

Is power over all

The strenght of ceremonial magick

Dark spells from Hell

My wretched soul I sell

Tragick black magick

I am reaking havoc

A curse upon thee

Is enough for me

Nothing can save my soul

Now that it is corrupted with black magick

I ascend to the throne of darkness

Whereon I invoke the light

Now I have utter dominion over the world

As I watch it all unfurl

Chaos ensues upon the night

And it shall continue 'til daylight

Tragick black magick

I have reaked havoc

Upon this world

My power I hurled

Darkness setteth in

To the world the people cling

But they cannot win

Because my reign has just begun

What is done is done

The world cannot be saved by anyone

They shall all perish

And forever remain in Hell

Satan Giveth Me Strength

Satan giveth me strength

The courage to go on

Living my life in this God-forsaken world

Lucifer giveth me knowledge

The efficacy to deal

with the burdens I face in this world

Everyday is challenge

So much inequity in the world

I need strength to deal with

all the impertinence in the world

Everyday is full of hardship

So much prejudice in the world

I need the strength to deal with

all the ignorance in the world

Satan giveth me strength

The valour to fight

To fight all the hypocrisy in this world

Lucifer giveth me knowledge

The vigilance to challenge

all the lies in this world

And as I walk through this world

I stand proud

of my allegiance to Satan

As the flame burneth within me

I am confident enough to face any adversary

Satan giveth me strength

The will to live my life

Lucifer giveth me knowledge

With Satanic enlightenment I shine


Biblical verses of our own destruction coming

Nordic thunder, which the demonic Hell-spawn are drumming

To our brutal way of life, we are succumbing

When thou seest the sea turneth red

Then thou realisest thou art dead

Christians chose the fate of the world

They chose to condemn it

Blaming others for their sins

Unleashing all the torture within

Darkness is coming

But we are not becoming

There is no second-coming

Lucifer riseth from the pit in pseudo-angelic display

He sayeth "this wretched christian world is over now

now let us start the revolution"

Burn the churches down, burn the churches down

Burn, burn, burn, burn the churches down

Desecrate, annihalate, devastate, then celebrate

The comming of a new age, the coming of a new age

The coming of a new age!

Christ in Hell shall not saveth thee now

As everything christian gets annihilated

We rejoice as our Pagan nature returneth to us


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