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Orchestral Evolution

The Formation of Life

Carbon molecules

Found their way unto our Earth

Formed bacteria, then plants, then fish

Species after species evolved over time

Next came the amphibians

From which reptiles evolved

Through variation under nature

They came into being

Then came the primate family

The predecessors of our kind

Learnt to make and use

tools and apply logic

Homo erectus

then homo sapiens

Mankind evolved

to become the most dominant

The Struggle for Survival

Species kill other species in order to survive

Some become extinct while others reign supreme

Through Natural Selection they struggle to survive

Some form societies and learn to work together

Through strength in numbers they learn to survive

Blending into surroundings

a natural camouflage

Mimicry of other genii

as a disguise

against predators

Imitation of others to learn

how to survive and prosper

Sexual Selection

by the gene

to continue the bloodline

The gene it replicates in other bodies

So that it may live on

Male promiscuity to spread

as many seeds as possible

Women nest to look after their brood

Species looking after their kin

To ensure they survive

So that their biological legacy



Through animalistic primordial instincts

the species learned to adapt

to their surroundings

both mentally and physically

Different breeds and races

developped to adapt

to their own climate

and environment

Sexual Selection

caused changes in physical appearances

made them more attractive to others

an aesthetical appeal

But somewhere along the way we gained free will

We learned to have independent thoughts and emotions

and thus we must now use logic

Nothing happens for a reason

but because of a reason

Cause and effect

We must use efficacy to adapt


Integration of concepts

Through efficacy of the senses

Condemned Men of Reason

Copernicus and Galileo

proved the world

revolved 'round the sun

Condemned men of reason

Convicted of committing treason

and heresy

they were sentenced to death

Like when the Greeks

discovered the Earth was spherical

It made the religionist hysterical

because the scripture

contradicts their claim

They recieved nothing

but disdain

Charles Darwin

was a biologist

Found our origin

was not in accordance

with the theologists'

theory of a Genesis

and for this he was scorned

Condemned men of reason

Persecuted for not

taking things on

blind faith

but in the end

they reign supreme

for logic

conquereth all

The Enlightenment

Civilisation flourished -

from mans abilities to reason

- to produce crops and livestock

and use it to his advantage

In Ancient Greece

is where philosophy

and science were born

Aristotlean and Socratic thought

Pythagorean mathematics

Pathed the way

of rationality

In the 1300s came the Renaissance

A Romantic revival

Creative ingenuity


our way of thinking

In the 18th century

The Age of Enlightenment was upon us

But certain memes kept them down

Blind faith and denial of rationality

Prohibitted them

from learning more

The morality

that was created to enslave

Are taught to the progeny

Altruism and deontology

Infects every mind on Earth

We are taught not to trust

our senses, our rational faculties

to follow whims

and cater to the whims of others

To obey without question

to surrender to force

instigated by the mystics

of muscle and spirit

But we will reign at last

For rational thought is the iconoclast

It exults us above all else

Gives us dominion over nature

As we advance towards a future

filled with possibilities


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