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Welcome to the carnival

Welcome to the show

A masquerade to

conceal the darkness

(that looms) behind

what you think you know

An evil using trickery

To hypnotise thy mind

Magic, illusion, and misdirection

Leaving everybody blind

Cohorts covort

in an acrobatic display

Jugglers jape

as spectators gape

But little do they know

what's behind the drapes

Sideshow freaks

The spectators interest peaks

for this Cirque de Facade

This demonic charade

Fools and jokers

Cards of eight

Fortune tellers

decide thy fate

Minstrel's satire

Conceal their hate

Gacy clowns are chasing frowns

All across the grounds

The witnesses- their minds

are lost and can't be found

Enter into the hall of mirrors

Then enter another realm

This is a carnival

This is a nightmare

A Gypsy curse gone awry

A black mass glorified

Bombastic and fantastic

But sadistic and sophistic

A psychodrama

in motion

Amused and bemused

and confused


A victim you'll Be after you See

Demons steal

the souls of the gullible

Drag them down to Hell

Torment them and compel

them to want more

of the lies

Intoxicated by the guise

of the funfair

Reign In Hell

'Tis better to reign in Hell

than serve in heaven

'Tis better to enjoy

the sins of seven

The Serpent

and the Tree of Knowledge

helped us break free

of the bondage

Forbidden fruit

For which Adam and Eve fell

Supposedly brought fourth

our death-knell

To gain gnosis

was a crime

To know of that

which is divine

To taste the fruit

The cunt and cock

To fuck and drink

to ecstacy

Exceed, exceed

Explore every crevice

and orifice that you dersire

Push the boundaries

of moral conviction

Tear down the walls

and be free of the lies

From the fire and

brimstone of the inferno

To the icy depths of


To take wine

and strange drugs

To know the pleasures

of the mind

To bow down to

graven images

To revel

In idolatry

A defiant deviant

I will always be

Pandora's box

was opened

And all the desires


To be the best

To exalt oneself

above the rest

Bet on possibilities

Take the risk

to gain or lose it all

Feel the rush

the ups and downs

Be cunning

and underhanded

Do what it takes

to succeed

Know thine own strengths

and know thine enemies

Be proficient

in the Art of War

Be nefarious

to become the best

Ascend to the zenith

with Machiavellian art

Be the Nietschean


Master of amorality

Psychedelia Luciferi

Shadows dance

As my senses enhance

In this twisted expanse

Acid of the ergot lysergia

Inducing vivid dreams

On a trip through time and space

Incense scents

Vertigo and

motion sense

Bewildered and crazed

awe-inspired and dazed


Racing flights of thoughts

Ideas, insights, and catharsis

Seeing things from different angles

Spatial perceptions

But everything is mangled

Demons beckon

they form figures in my mind


I enter the fourth dimension


Light and colour spectrums

Molecular structures breakdown

Panoramic paranoia

In an arcane arcade for the insane

Trying to find my way through

Labyrinthine passages of my thoughts

Waves of light

Entering nerve endings

Lucifer is the universe

coming into consciousness

His Will

And my Will must be in tune

To Mega Therion

The Aeon of Horus

is upon us

The time to fulfill

The Great Work

To unite science

and the spirit

The Great Beast riseth

(To Mega Therion)

To bring fourth his wisdom

(To Mega Therion)

To reconcile

the mind-body-spirit


To destroy blind faith

The Great Beast riseth

(To Mega Therion)

To bring fourth his wisdom

(To Mega Therion)

Unto the Earth

(To Mega Therion)

Witness the New Age

(To Mega Therion)

'Do What Thou Wilt

Shall be the whole

of the law'

Beseech a new aeon

of 'Love Under Will'

Through the Qabalah

I invoke

The gods of the sun

666 is the number

I deduce from the


The Antichrist riseth

From the primordial chaos

There is no God where I am

I scream in blasphemies

I am well-versed

in the Black Arts

And cast the spells

to shift the order

I explore the Goetia

Invoking Belial

for mastery

of the earth

Asmoday and Paimon

Astoroth and Samael

and all the shades

The seal opened

The demons released

The prophecies fulfilled

That which is above

is as that which is below

I'm assimilating the heavens

with Earth and Hell

The Great Beast riseth

(To Mega Therion)

To bring fourth his wisdom

(To Mega Therion)

Tear down the

celestial spheres

Ascend to the throne

The Great Beast riseth

(To Mega Therion)

To bring fourth his wisdom

(To Mega Therion)

Unto the Earth

(To Mega Therion)

Witness the New Age

(To Mega Therion)

The Black Flame kindled

The world illuminated

Lucifer hath

reclaimed his rule

The boundaries

between worlds

torn down

The truth revealed

The Great Beast hath risen

(To Mega Therion)

To bring fourth his wisdom

(To Mega Therion)

Unto the Earth

(To Mega Therion)

The New Age hath arrived

(To Mega Therion)

The Poison Demoness

Like a prima-bella-donna

she put my nightshaded heart on show


And binded with the thorns of a black rose

Her hemlock blood

is now in my veins

And now I am left

screaming in pain

Her Glasgow smile

Does much to beguile

My dreams and fantasies

She did defile

This Scarlett Woman

This Whore of Babalon

Let me drink this wine

of the devil's concubine

Poison demoness

My heart and soul she did possess

As I see her undress

And set my body aflame

A serpentine kiss

From a Lillithian Miss-stress

Like laudanum

I am hooked on her essence

Like a black widow

I am caught in her web

This Jezebel

Put me through Hell

Her kiss is like

a sip of Absinth


and deadly

Needles poking holes in my sanity

Black nails digging into my flesh

And tearing me apart

In an amphetamine dream

I scream, paranoid and crazed

I cut the arteries

and the blood flows

to the beat of my racing heart

Drowning in her menses

In a daze, I am lost

and blind to my suicide

The God of Terror

A monotheistic religion

And a political agenda

To their fanaticism

they want us to surrender

The Taliban

bans everything

Inciting terror

expecting us to give in

But we will not submit

We will not acquiesce

They shall not take away

our right to choose

We will prevail

and tear them asunder

Suicidal martyrdom

They kill themelf

to destroy our


But we will

expose the truth

of their lies

The two towers fell

And incited a war

Fire came from the sky

And set the pentagram ablaze

They Babylon

about Allah

and Muhammad

their pedophile

messiah of hypocrisy

The crusades

An ancient war

that is still raging

to this day

With rags on their heads

and shit on their hands

They attack the


To the sound

of a death march

they ride off

Into the desert

I am

Anti-christian, anti-jew

Anti-muslim, anti-you

Allah, Yahweh, Jehovah

Fuck them all

I invoke the Sumerian gods of old

Iblis and Shaitan


All the Devi and the Djinn

And Tiamat the great serpent

shall rend them insane


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