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Verses of Unholy Blasphemy

Let Satan Lead the Way

Thou prayest to a god who doesn't exist

whilst bathing thyself in hypocritical self-deceit

Thou livest for a dream that cannot be fulfilled

whilst throwing thy life away in case thou art killed

Thou needst to live for each day

Sell thine soul to Baphomet

Let Satan lead the way

Indulge in life, don't throw it away

Satan is the Lord of Fire

Dost thou not realise christains are liars?

Lucifer is the Bearer of Light and Spirit of Air

Dost thou not care?

Belial is the Baseness of Earth

Is this what life is worth?

Leviathan is the Serpent Out of the Depths of Sea

Why canst thou not see; thou art living in fantasy?

Thou needst to live for each day

Sell thine soul away

For Satan is the way

Thou hast only one life so don't throw it away

Who will save me?

I know it shan't be thee

For Satan is the key

to this place I see

Thou needst to live for each day

Sell thine soul today

Satan thou shalt obey

Live life to the full, don't throw it away

Thou thinkst death is a grace

to a celestial place

Yet thou hast fallen to sin

which shall leadeth thee in

to damnation

Eternity in Hell

is where thou fell

Beelzebub is the Lord of Flies

He shouldn't be apart of all thy lies

Do What Thou Wilt, without any guilt

or any concern for how we were built

We were created by Satan

I will keep on hating

Those who hate me

their death I foresee

Black curse unto thee

Thou art already dead to me

Lost Pagan Ways

Humanity has lost its way

Lost Pagan ways

Christianity destroyed the way

Destroyed Pagan ways

Tore us from natures way

Natures Pagan ways

Made room for a new way

Christians new ways

Detered by crusaders

they did convert

Their affinity with nature

they did invert

Mans true nature

they did subvert

Now we are all doomed

I now behold a world of pain

Industrialised and profane

Shall we ever be again

united with our way?

The industrial age

is destroying the world

Burning fossil fuels

Cutting down the forests

Poisoning the earth

Making it uninhabitable

Misdirected evolution

caused the polution

Advance away from our nature

and we become so pernicious

Odin, Dionysus

Bacchus and Cernunnos

Names long forgotten

on this derelict earth

Redundant now

they have become

In this mechanical world

Extortionist aristocrats

committed Pagan genocide

Fascism for profit

They created this dementia

Starting a new world

with Judeo-Christian unvalues

The lies justified

by their hypocrisy

Now the earth is sad and dry

Now the world is set to die

Insanity of Christianity

Insanity of Christianity

Brutality of Reality

Contradict thyself, contradict science

Go back to thine holy alliance

of reality denying

Thou lovest to much and hatest to less

all the annoying human pests

Become a Satanist and see

a sensible philosophy

Look to the darkness within

Thou shalt find truth therein

In the light it hides away

So from the herd thou must stray

Thou must givest into sin

Look to the darkness of Yin

Darkness is here to stay

Light shall only fade away

Insanity of Christianity

Brutality of Reality

Believe in a god who is innocent and pure

whilst living a life full of pain to endure

Thousands of people dying each second

Is this what a good god hath reckoned?

We live in a world so full of threat

Famine and plague cause so much death

When thou realise

that everything dies

Know'st that life has not cost

and thou art lost

In the labyrinth of lies

thou hast come to despise

Wherein death is embossed

by a dream which is lost

Stop denying thine brutal nature

Thou art a malevolent creature

Be realistic, sadistic, masochistic

Thy tranquility shall wane

Thou hast sinned again

Go confess all thy sins

to a priest who sins

Thou shalt come to abhor

the god whom thou presently adore

forever and evermore

Blinded by Faith or Fear?

Preachers tell of a torturous afterlife

Wherein all thy worst nightmares reside

And if thou dost not do what they say

Thou wilt go thither


They have thee brainwashed

Manipulating thee

with thine own fears

They are dominating thee

Their hypocritical superiority

to quell thine dignity

Malintent on destroying lives

to pursue an impossible dream

The fear to which thou adherest

is nothing but a lie

False hopes; philosophies

which thou canst not help but defy

Hypocrisy fuelled by deceit

Conforming to the herd

Living a life of hardship

of superfluous abstinence

Terrorised by a vengeful god

Thou livest a life of pain

Shunning oportunities

Over and over again

Enslaved by the fear

Waiting 'til the end is near

Focusing upon another world

Hoping it will come unfurled

How benevolent is a god

who dominateth us with fear?

How benevolent is a god

whom we must revere?

How benevolent is a god

who trapped thee in this cell?

How benevolent is a god

who trapped thee in this Hell?

An avid bible-basher

bemused by the gibberish

Panophobic he became

Now he is insane

Goddamned to this realm

Overly cautious everyday

Why not live in Hell

whilst Heaven is so far away?

How benevolent is a god

who ravageth this earth?

How benevolent is a god

who opposeth our own birth?

How benevolent is a god

who won't let us be free?

How benevolent is this god?

He seemeth frivolous to me

Unholy War

Satan's flame hath risen

to the Luciferian winds

Belial's earth in season

Leviathan's sea of sins

On the bloodsoaked battlegrounds

All Hell is at war

Destruction of hypocrisy

Destruction of fear

We will make it clear

Through Lucifer's seer

Swords are clashing

Warhammers are smashing

Crossbows are slinging

We are creating a new beginning

Battle axes decapitate

Tridents mutilate

Flails devastate

They cannot retaliate

Thor shall leadeth us to Valhalla

Glory for us, as Christian blood spilleth

Pagan power, the Satanic hour

Everything Christian goeth sour

With incubi and succubi

I deny the holy lie

The Great Beast and the

Scarlet Woman procreates

Create a monster which annihilates

Aeons ago we lived in fear of prosecution

But now it is our time to reign

Apocalypse now and forever again

We will live in the Devil's Fane

A new epoch we beseech

Destroy the mindless leech

Exile God from Earth

The regime began at birth

Forged by Aries and Mars

Balanced by Aphrodite and Venus

"Twas a long arduous battle

But in the end we prevailed

Equilibrium hath been restored to the world

And as I walk down the aisle

pathed with heads on pikes

I cannot help but feel lost

For I have no enemies anymore

I am alone with noone to hate

Alone, we all need someone to hate



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